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Software built specifically for industry. 

When it comes to industrial software, many existing solutions can be ill suited, over complicated, and over priced.

Our software on the other hand is:

  1. Created by IAMTech staff who understand the real-world challenges because they have worked in industry for companies like Huntsman, DuPont, ICI, Enron, SABIC Sembcorp & Uniqema

  2. Simple to use: our software is created to enhance your existing systems with a simpler interface and a tried and tested workflow

  3. Unlike our competitors, we are happy to publish our pricing on our website, providing you with an equivalent solution at a significantly lower cost


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Our Solutions

Discover the benefits of the world’s most industrial focused software solutions

iPlan - Manage your Maintenance, Turnarounds and Shutdowns with ease

iPlan is a fixed-cost solution that has been built specifically to manage turnarounds and maintenance. It integrates with your ERP and scheduling tool and is used by leading oil, gas, chemical, mining and power industries.

It is available in three variants:

iPlan STO: for planning, executing and reviewing shutdowns, turnarounds and outages

iPlan Maintain: for planning and executing reactive and planned maintenance

iPlan Ultimate: for managing both reactive and planned maintenance and STO processes

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IAMPermit - Digitize your permitting process

IAMPermit allows you to administer permits instantly, which brings huge productivity improvement to your maintenance crews’ efficiency straight away, saving wasted, expensive tool-time.

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IAMAsbestos - Asbestos Risk Management

IAMAsbestos has been developed in collaboration with an oil and gas supermajor to enable all aspects of the control of asbestos within the oil, gas, power and chemical industries.

This can include survey, sample gathering, certification, risk assessment scoring and remedial action planning all managed from one easy-to-use system. IAMAsbestos will enable you to remain compliant with HSG 264 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 – second edition 2013.

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